The Truth Behind Mask Mandates

The Truth Behind Mask Mandates

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Not long ago, Anderson Cooper Tweeted “The science has changed.” concerning the mask mandates.1 This was according to Dr. Leana Wen, who is a favorite medical expert with Legacy news. 

As of 13 February 2022, the daily average of new cases was about 154,912. That is about 10,000 cases MORE than we had last September, 4 months ago. And last September, Dr. Wen told CNN’s Chris Cuomo (just a couple of months before CNN fired Cuomo) that unvaccinated people are no better than people who drive while drunk. She believes they should be placed under house arrest and not allowed in public. “We need to start looking at the choice to remain unvaccinated the same as we look at driving while intoxicated… You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can’t go out in public.”2 As of today, 22 February 2022, the daily average is down to 81,823. And that makes sense; how? We had about 10,000 more cases this past month than four months ago when the left wanted to lock in everyone who would not cooperate by wearing a mask, and now they are easing out of the restrictions. The bottom line is the political left sees the midterms looming shortly and the public opinion shifting against mask mandates. 

Professor Edward Fuller of Pennsylvania State University tweeted, “Why is it a parent’s right to endanger the lives of other people’s kids and of teachers? Maybe [people] wearing masks should just drive drunk and speed [through] the neighborhoods of pro-COVID parents as a way to excise [sic] their freedom and rights.”3 Delightful, how the left can suggest that the unvaccinated should be placed under house arrest indefinitely and be compared to drunk drivers. Then University Professors can propose they be run over without any consequence. I am guessing he was not banned from Facebook or Twitter because he spews the same hate, disdain, and contempt that has become so popular this past year on social media. 

Last Friday, Bill Gates publicly mocked those who were anti-mask at the 2022 Munich Security Conference. Attending were Melanie Joly, Canada’s foreign affairs minister; Ann Linde, Sweden’s foreign affairs minister; Comfort Ero, C.E.O. of the International Crisis Group; and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) director-general, as well as CNBC’s Hadley Beale, who was leading the discussion.((Meads, Tim. “Bill Gates Mocks Those Against Mask Mandates: Why Do We Have To Wear Pants?” Daily Wire,, 21 February 2022, During the discussion Gates was asked about masks and said people in America are conflicted about wearing them. Gates responded mockingly (typical leftist strategy to insult rather than reason) “Well that’s interesting you know what is the downside of wearing a mask? I mean it’s got to be tough, you know, you have to wear pants. I mean this is tough stuff, these societies are so cruel, why do they make you wear pants? I’m trying to figure it out.”4

About a year ago, the Biden administration levied the mask rule on all airline flights. Those who did not comply were fined or removed from the aircraft. In 2021 and early in 2022, the F.A.A. reported 6,300 unruly-passenger incidents, and over 2/3 of them were mask-related. 

For months now, some airlines have been questioning the effectiveness of masks on aircraft. Last December, the chief exec of Southwest Airlines said, “The case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment.”5 The good news is, as of March 18th, the mandated order is set to expire, said a T.S.A. spokeswoman.((Wolfe, Jonathan. “Coronavirus Briefing: The end of mask mandates on airplanes?” New York Times, 23 February 2022, 23 February 2022.))

I have been teaching for over 20 years, and masks are a disservice to students. The supposed benefits of masks in preventing illness or death among children is a fraction, of a fraction, of a percent. Moreover, they are disruptive to learning and communicating in class. If what the left is telling us is accurate, a healthy, fully vaccinated teacher is close to impervious to COVID-19 and the following variants, which in themselves go a long way to bringing immunity to a population. A USC education article reported, “COVID-19 is less of a threat to children than accidents or the common flu. The survival rate among American children with confirmed cases is approximately 99.99%; remarkably, recent studies find an even higher survival rate.”6 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be removing all remaining coronavirus restrictions in England, and they are planning on living with the virus long time, much like we do with seasonal flu and cold. “We will remove all remaining domestic restrictions in law. From this Thursday, the 24th of February, we will end the legal requirement to self isolate following a positive test,” Johnson told parliament. “We will end routine contact tracing, and no longer ask fully vaccinated close contacts and those under 18 to test daily for seven days. And we will remove the legal requirement for close contacts who are not fully vaccinated to self-isolate.”7

Masks may be partially effective in shielding adults from COVID, but when is it virtuous to saddle children for the benefit of adults?

The Atlantic reports in Spain, masks were required for children six and older. The authors of a study noted if masks were a benefit for those using them, the transmission rate among 5-year-olds would be significantly higher than those who were six and older, but the results did not display that trend. In fact, the transmission rates increased age. “Instead, they show that transmission rates, which were low among the youngest kids, steadily increased with age—rather than dropping sharply for older children subject to the face-covering requirement. This suggests that masking kids in school does not provide a major benefit and might provide none at all. And yet many officials prefer to double down on masking mandates, as if the fundamental policy were sound and only the people have failed.”8

States and counties are reducing restrictions concerning masks left and right, and those looking at looming elections are pushing for a return to normal, but school-age children have had the longest to wait. Too long, and they should have been the first in line to adopt changes as the ‘Science Changes.’ 

One reason some claim is children need more protection, but we know that has not been the case. The Atlantic reported last week, “Throughout the pandemic, children have been at lower risk of serious illness than adults. In the latest C.D.C numbers hospitalization rates for children 0–4 with COVID are estimated at 3.8 per 100,000 and for the 5–11 group at 1 per 100,000. By comparison, the rates in the 18–49, 50–64, and over 65 groups are 3.7, 8.5, and 22, respectively.((Oster, Emily, “Kids-Last COVID Policy Makes No Sense” The Atlantic, 21 February 2022. 25 February 2022))

A more likely reason for school-age children with mask mandates has to do with the powerful teacher unions and other political entities. Don’t tell me this has not become political. Most of you have noticed that the higher unvaccinated populations fall in more conservative counties and states. And those areas and regions with higher vaccinated populations have stricter rules, laws, and regulations concerning masks and what the unvaccinated may do in public. Emily Oster noted in The Atlantic, “Three-year-old kids in the Northeast wearing KN95 masks outdoors at recess (yes, there are places where this is still required) do not protect unvaccinated adults in the South.”…Some children are more vulnerable than others, of course, and society owes special attention to high-risk kids. But it doesn’t follow that COVID restrictions for children ought to stay uniformly in place after they’ve been removed for their parents.”9 Looking at the science, school children should not be faced greater restrictions and mask mandates than staff or parents. It makes no sense that our students are still required to wear masks. 

In Southern California, for example, when you compare Los Angeles and Orange County, two counties adjacent to each other that had similar vaccination rates but very different masking requirements, the hospitalization rates were quite similar.((Smelkinson, Margery. Bienen, Leslie. Noble, Jeanne. “The Case Against Masks at School” The Atlantic, 26 January 2022. 25 February 2022))

On the Clay Travis show, they interviewed Dr. Smelkinson, an infectious-disease researcher who focused on influenza, and SARS-CoV-2 and they discussed the very same information. “But when you present the mask issue and say, “Look. Orange County doesn’t have mask mandates in school; Los Angeles did. There was no discernible difference,” what do people that are really invested in this say to that research? I mean, I’m sure you got a lot of heat for this article. What’s their response to you just saying, “This is what the numbers are telling us, guys”?…” I mean, that’s why we had to put so much data into this piece, right? ‘Cause like, you know, one piece of data is not gonna convince anybody. So that’s actually why we crunched the numbers in Maryland as well.((Travis, Clay. Sexton, Buck. “Dr. Margery Smelkinson to C&B: Don’t Mask Kids In Schools.” 1 February 2022. 25 February 2022))

Greece and Italy found that masking is a hindrance to speech recognition, hearing, and communication. I have found this to be true when I am teaching not only between teacher and student but student to student. And it should be evident that hearing-impaired children or children who lip-read are significantly hindered in their communications. 

Our local school boards should lift the mask mandates and put the children first, ahead of powerful unions, politics, and the adults who are living in fear. Fear does not stop death; it stops life. 

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