Say Goodbye to Mr. Potato Head

Say Goodbye to Mr. Potato Head

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Did you know that in an effort to affirm the gender ideology, Hasbro announced in 2021 they would drop the “Mr.” from the title of Mr. Potato Head? Hasbro will no longer use Mr. or Mrs. “It said that an upcoming playset will not feature Mr. and Mrs. designations, allowing kids to create their own potato families with two moms or two dads, a “celebration of the many faces of families.”((Lewis, Sophie. “Mr. Potato Head brand goes gender-neutral, dropping ‘Mr.” title. CBS News,,

Did you know the number of self-identifying trans people is on the rise? If you are over the age of 30 and have been paying attention to the world around you, that should be obvious. In June of 2016, the Williams Institute estimated 1.4 million identified as transgender, doubling from 2006. 

Did you know that the risk of suicide is exaggerated to scare parents into complying with the gender ideology? “In the eleven years from 2010 to 2020, four patients under the care of the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) committed suicide, equating to 0.03% of the total.”((“Suicide by Adolescents Referred to the World’s Larget Pediatric Gender Clinic.” SEGM Society For Evidence Based Gender Medicine,, 19 January 2022, The general population ages 14 to 17 was 2.7 percent per 100,000.

Did you know that detransitioners are starting to speak out, but the cries of warnings are being ignored or silenced by the media giants Facebook, Google, Twitter, and TikTok? British detransitioner Allie shares, “I was never diagnosed with gender dysphoria formally. I was never given exploratory therapy [to check for underlying non-gender problems]. There was no mention of sexual trauma, no mention of my upbringing, and how that could have affected things… But now I look back and I’m like, what the hell? I was 18 years old, and they just gave me this shit. It’s crazy… I was like, this is it, this is the answer.”1

Here is what one parent shared on Substack from Parents with Inconvenient Truths, “When we finally were given an appointment at the clinic (it took several months) my son was immediately affirmed, and called by his preferred pronouns and his new name. I was told that, when asked, he had said that he had been suicidal and had thought of harming himself. I didn’t believe this; I was convinced that he had been coached. Of course, the old chestnut ‘would I rather have a live daughter than a dead son?’ was trotted out, though at that stage I didn’t know that this is a story repeatedly told to parents who question the process. I told the doctor at the clinic about my concerns, the suicide of my son’s father when he was four, the depression in his wider family, his ASD. It made not a whit of difference. He received no counseling, just affirmation.”

Did you know a children’s hospital in Oregon offers drugs and surgeries for teens without parental knowledge? They also promote breast binding and genital tucking on their website

Did you know Australia’s largest gender clinic appeals for donations and uses a completely unsubstantiated survey to scare those sympathetic into giving money to support their gender clinic? “The suicide risk figures come from the Telethon Kids Institute’s 2017 Trans Pathways study, an anonymous, online, self-report survey with a non-representative “convenience sample”, meaning there is no firm basis for extrapolating its findings…”((Lane, Bernard. “Suicide’s Spectre.” Gender Clinic News,, 31 March 2022,

Teens who transition are scarred for the rest of their lives, but you rarely hear that side of the story. In the Atlantic article, When Children Say They’re Trans,” Cari Stella transitioned, now 24, socially transitioned at 15, started hormones at 17, got a double mastectomy at 20, and detransitioned at 22. “I’m a real-live 22-year-old woman with a scarred chest and a broken voice and a 5 o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman,” she said in a video posted in August 2016. “I was not a very emotionally stable teenager”((Singal, Jesse, “When Children Say They’re Trans.” The Atlantic,, August 2018,

And other resources, including those produced by major LGBTQ organizations, place emphasis on acceptance rather than inquiry. The Human Rights Campaign’s “Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics” web page, for example, encourages parents to seek the guidance of a gender specialist. It also asserts that “being transgender is not a phase, and trying to dismiss it as such can be harmful during a time when your child most needs support and validation.”((HRC Foundation, “Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics.” Human Rights Campaign,, N.D.,

Did you know the Tavistock Clinic in London is shutting down? This clinic has seen thousands of children with gender dysphoria and moved them into transition, which they called “gender-affirming care.” This ‘care’ included puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgery, and many other interventions that had irreversible effects. “Over the past three decades, the Gender and Identity Development Service at the Tavistock Clinic in London has seen thousands of British children for gender dysphoria, with a British minister noting a more than 4,000 percent increase of referrals for girls alone in the last decade.”((Davis, Lisa, “The Beginning of the End of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’?” Common Sense,, 30 July 2022,

Did you know in Finland, the Council for Choices in Health Care (COHERE) concluded, “The reliability of the existing studies with no control groups is highly uncertain, and because of this uncertainty, no decisions should be made that can permanently alter a still-maturing minor’s mental and physical development.((The Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland, “Palveluvalikoima.”, 2020,

Did you know there are now 112 genders? Here, as of this writing, it is the most complete list I could find. The New York Times reported one survey estimated 150,000 teens were transgender; now, in 2022, that number has doubled to 300,000.((Ghorayshi, Azeen, “Report Reveals Sharp Rise in Transgender Young People in the U.S.” New York Times,, 10 June 2022, Other estimates I cited above have the rise, not just doubling but increases by the powers of 10.

The left and the Biden administration continue to demand we not only affirm but agree but support this butchering of our youth with no thought to the long-term consequences. The Health and Human Services document released by the Biden administration describes “what it calls appropriate treatments for transgender adolescents, including: ‘Top’ surgery – to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts; and ‘Bottom’ surgery – surgery on genitals or reproductive organs, facial feminization or other procedures.”((Nerozzi, Timothy. “Biden administration endorses transgender youth sex-change operations, ‘top surgery,’ hormone therapy.” Fox News,, 31 March 2022,

This post is not meant to devalue or dismiss those who struggle with gender dysphoria. Until the last few years, it has been a rare but authentic struggle for some. Nevertheless, what is happening now within our culture is not the same. Everyone who struggles with this deserves our compassion and respect, but not the ideological movement that is mutilating a generation of youth and destroying families.

Young girls at 13 having double mastectomies to ‘affirm’ how they are feeling is just one example of this horrendous trend that has marched into our culture. It is disgusting and supported by the left. Educate yourself and others about this practice that has scarred a generation of youth. To say I am appalled by this is an understatement. Aren’t you?


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  1. Lane, Bernard. “Fast hormones, no speed bumps.” Gender Clinic News,, 16 March 2022, []

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