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What we are capable of doing with technology is truly miraculous. Have you looked over some of the newest inventions or technological accomplishments in the past year or two? I want to list a few of my favorites to give you an idea.

eyeA bionic eye. Remember the first bionic man, or the six million dollar man? Well now it is for real, but not just an arm or leg, but a bionic eye. Argus Retinal prosthesis was approved commercially in the U.S. just last year and with an upgrade, patients can even see color. They expect advancements in the near future to surpass the ability of the human eye.



In 2013, the world’s first lab created hamburger is grown and eaten. Yes, fake beef grown from cattle stem cells. The volunteers who ate the burgers said it was lacking in flavor, which is due to the lack of fat within the meat. A director of biotechnology said adding fat would be easy by letting some of the stem cells develop into fat cells.




I saw this one and thought of you, Cliff. A 3D guitar from a 3D printer. Layer after layer after layer, and you have a guitar. 3D printers are also making working guns, jet parts, camera lenses, and have the potential to build a house. As cool as those are, they now are building 3D printers with 3D printers, and the child printers begin building their own child printers within 3 minutes of having been created themselves. Scary?



darkmatterSearching for dark matter can be difficult. What exactly is dark matter? Well it is the stuff that makes up the universe; well a large portion of it. No one really knows what it is, but science knows what it is not: regular matter, molecules, atoms, etc. In South Dakota, you will find the Sanford Underground Research Facility where they are looking for dark matter. It is almost 5000′ underground and holds a 70,000 gallon ultra pure water tank. At the tank’s center is a titanium freezer with 800 pounds of liquid xenon. Their hopes rest on the idea that dark matter is at least in particle form and when one of these dark matter particles bumps into ordinary matter it will be detected. If that happens, they will undoubtedly earn the Nobel Prize for discovering the fabric of the universe. 1


converted RGB Inovision image

Science can now watch molecules morph into memories. Scientists knew that neurons were key to discovering how memories were made, and now they can give specific molecules fluorescent tags and view them traveling in living brain cells. Neurons are extremely sensitive to any kind of disturbance, but they found if they tagged all RNA messenger molecules with a green fluorescent protein, the neurons came together at the synapses of the slender dendritic spines and actually changed the shape of the dendrite fingers.2

As amazing as these discoveries and inventions are, even more awe-inspiring is the order from whence they came that allows such discoveries and inventions. Let me give you an example by asking you a question. Is mathematics discovered or invented? We know mathematics helps us understand the world around us. We use it to explain patterns and make predictions in every day life, but is it simply a tool that we have invented to explain how everything works? Sir Michael Atiyah, a mathematician at Oxford wrote, “The skeptic can point out that the struggle for survival only requires us to cope with physical phenomena at the human scale, yet mathematical theory appears to deal successfully with all scales from the atomic to the galactic.” 3

You know when you get in the shower the water will run down the drain. This is caused by the earth’s gravity, but why does the earth have gravity? Where did the law come from that caused all objects in the universe to have gravitational effects? Newton’s Law of Gravity helps us to understand gravity, but why does every object in the universe have a gravitational field surrounding it?

Every day trillions upon trillions of cells divide and multiply in every kind of plant and animal on the earth. These cells divide and create perfect replicas of themselves due to the language held within the nucleus. Every human cell has about 25,000 genes, and it is the genes that tell the cell what to do, or what protein to make, and that protein will have a specific job within the body. Not only do they replicate themselves, but they know when to divide, grow, and what to become, as in muscle or bone. Only now are we are beginning to decode and map this DNA language. Where does a language or code come from?

Plastics are polymers or monomers which are repeating units. Chains of molecules repeated over and over. These chains are held by weak intermolecular forces, the force that binds atoms, and molecules together, but what binds the actual atoms together? We call the force that keep molecules together intramolecular, but more specifically, the strong force. Our universe is held together by four universal forces, namely gravity, electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces. 4 Where did these discovered laws originate which bind our universe together, give us structure and meaning?

Thomas Aquinas was the first that we know of to come to the conclusion that everything has a cause, including the universe, but since time can’t go back infinitely, there must be an initial, uncaused first being. We call that God. This may sound like philosophical mumbo jumbo, but a simple example may help you understand that time cannot go back infinitely.

Say you were walking along in a park and you noticed a man sitting on a park bench, head bent down, elbows on his knees, hands folded as if concentrating. As you approached him, you heard him saying -7, -6, -5, -4, -3…, When he reached zero he suddenly jumped up shouting in joy exclaiming, “I did it! I did it!” You ask him what it was that he did and he explains that he finally counted from negative infinity to zero. You immediately know this is foolishness because no one can count from negative infinity to zero. No matter how far back he starts someone could add a zero to his beginning point making it that much smaller by an exponent of ten.

Since time cannot go back infinitely, it must have had a beginning. We know that time is inexorably tied to the universe and since we know both have had a beginning, then they must have a cause. Something that stands outside of time, or outside of reality as we know it.

Much like the author of a book stands outside his created story, God stands outside his created universe and is not bound by the laws that bind the universe any more than an author is somehow bound by the binding of his printed book. “All around us, a second reality binds the universe and gives it order.” – Corey S. Powell


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