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I remember prior to marrying my wife one of my best friends telling me I was crazy not to sleep with her till after we were married. He was adamant about this, and warned me of the consequences of not testing her out prior to our marriage. He explained I could spend years of frustration, disappointment, and probably end in divorce if I did not check the contents of the package prior to the purchase.

The problem with this view is that it bases a satisfactory sex life on mechanics. Some reading this may be able to recall a time having a very satisfying intimate relationship with someone, but then problems arose and the relationship went south, in and out of bed. Greg Koukl explores this common misconception in this brief article, Try Before you Drive. He explains the practical reasons for abstinence first, and then backs it all up with scripture. Would be well worth reading to/with a college or singles youth group. Know anyone that is going to be married? It is in PDF format and can be easily printed up to share. 🙂 Would not hurt to have married couples, (young and old), read it also. 🙂

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