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My wife and daughters were staying at the home of Dan and Michelle Hess who kindly opened their doors to us because of the Rim Fire advisory evacuation we had in our area. My son and I stayed behind with the intention of staying till the evacuation was mandatory. My girls thoroughly enjoyed staying at Dan and Michelle’s for several reasons which included great meals, access to the house if they wanted or needed to cook anything, a lawn, a trampoline, a pool, a dog, two kittens, one cat, and two pigs. Being the animal lovers they are, and not having a trampoline or a pool, this was quite the adventure away from home. I came by the other day with my son to add a few boxes to a shed they had, and was given a tour by my girls. When I spotted the two pigs I immediately thought of ‘Babe’. They were cute and pink since they were still reasonably young. I watched them for a few minutes and could quickly tell which one ruled the pen. I asked about their names, but my girls said they did not have any because Dan and Michelle have had so many different animals over the years they ran out of names. Since these two pigs were for future consumption, my youngest girl Rebecca dubbed them ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Lunch’ which I thought was hilarious.


Breakfast was the dominant pig and I watched him snip at and shove Lunch out of the way so he, (Breakfast) would have the food all to himself. I found this rather amusing and pointed it out to my family. Breakfast would snack when he wanted, but would not allow Lunch to do the same. Breakfast made it quite clear that the food bin was his to use as he saw fit and that Lunch could not just go and eat out of it any time he wanted. Considering the end result of his existence, this selfish and dominating attitude was self-defeating. It is fitting he was named Breakfast because we eat Breakfast before we eat Lunch, and Breakfast was well on his way to being the ‘fatted calf’.

I could not help but wonder about our own human nature and how often we may have some attitudes or behaviors that we thought were to our benefit, (if not just our pleasure) but were in reality just self-defeating as what the pig, named Breakfast, was doing. This should come to no surprise that many in our culture have this self serving attitude. Popular culture has songs every year that sings those self serving tunes to our youth. From Frank Sinatra’s My Way, to Snoop Dog’s Young Wild and Free.

My Way
For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

Young Wild and Free
So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
We’re just having fun
We don’t care who sees
So what we go out?
That’s how its supposed to be
Living young and wild and free

Liberals tell me conservatives have worn out the ‘entitlement mentality’ but if the shoe fits, wear it. I guess that is another old saying. I will add it goes for both sides of the political aisle. Politicians now become politicians not to serve their country, their state, their county, or district, but to be served by their country, state, county and district. In the early years of America, Congressmen and Senators served just a few terms and then went back to their farms or family business. Note the operative word, served. Because that is exactly what they did, they served their country. It was a hard ship and sacrifice to be a representative and serve in the Congress or the Senate. After a few short years most had to return to their private business because the toll it took on their personal life. Life long politicians were unheard of, yet now, most if not all, wish to be re-elected and will continue to supposedly serve us if given the choice. Why do you think that is? It is not because they enjoy the sacrifice.

When I hear of Congressmen or Senators bragging about how they have served the public for 20, 30, or even 40 years it turns my stomach, because it is just the opposite. Had they served, or sacrificed as our early leadership they would not pursue life long appointments in politics. They remain in politics because they are served, and enjoy the power and befits of being in those positions. Really, those that pursue a life of ease and comfort at the sacrifice of others are no better off than Breakfast the pig. Breakfast will push away Lunch to grab a morsel that looks appealing to him. His focus does not go beyond that immediate bit of food, let alone what the next day may bring. Often, those in positions of power focus on their life (really just a morsel) and don’t consider what the next day, (death) may bring.

I have been enjoying the first season of Ray Comforts, Way of the Master. In this series of episodes (each one is only about 30 minutes long) he meets people on the street and asks them questions with the intent of sharing the Gospel. Ray is quite direct and has a method that is engaging, purposeful, and successful. He first asks if they believe in God and then deals with their relationship with Him. He asks them if they have ever told lies, taken something that did not belong to them, or used God’s Name in vain. Most of us will readily admit to these, which would make us guilty in God’s eyes. He then points out that in God’s court we would be found guilty, if not for the saving grace of Christ who took our sin upon himself and paid the price for what we would have been found guilty of.

Ravi Zacharias looked at the heartaches and difficulties we have in our lives and considered why we go through them. In his book The Grand Weaver he wrote, “We must recognize that divine intervention is nowhere near as simple a thing as we might imagine…it must look quite different from what we would usually prescribe for ourselves. It cannot be only a journey of unmistakable blessing and a path of ease. To allow God to be God we must follow him for who he is and what he intends, and not for what we want or what we prefer.” 1

We may prefer to push people away from our bin of food. We may prefer to be served rather than serve. We may prefer eat our ice cream every night as opposed to going without, and all the while we are creating a situation that will cost us dearly later in life. If your focus is on this life and not the one following, then you’re no better off than a pig named Breakfast.


1. Zacharias, Ray. The Grand Weaver. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007. Print.

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